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brighten if you will soon from feinstein christian. stance on teen dot com. hungry for the full story we've got it for us the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. who just joined us a very warm welcome this is r.t. coming to live from the russian capital with you twenty four hours a day top stories now this hour one of russia's richest men says if not me then who has he sets his sights on the prime minister's position because of his big politics as head of a liberal pro-business party aiming to become the second largest after putin's
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united russia in the upcoming parliamentary election. dozens die in terre bombings in afghanistan as barack obama promises to follow through with a decision to withdraw one third of u.s. troops from the country the white house is acting against the advice of top military commanders who want a much smaller troop reduction. london is accused of harboring foreign fugitives after it was revealed the next egyptian finance minister is living openly in britain despite a thirty year jail sentence back home use of boutros ghali was convicted of corruption and power abuse for personal profit but fled. well that brings up to date for the moment i'll be back with more news for in less than thirty minutes from now in the meantime richard daley the long term marriage chicago has helped turn a city once in decline into an attractive cosmopolitan urban hub all gone or finds out now if he has some special advice for moscow that's in spotlight next.
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hello again and welcome to spotlight they enter the shell. alvin hall then today my guest is richard daley. the longest serving mayor of chicago has left office to twenty two years and the trip he managed to turn the declining addressed city into a distillation city pushed through immigration reform and massively dealt with racism issues winning support of the black chicago these problems are characteristic for many big cities so what advice does the scariest mayor have for moscow my guest today is a veteran u.s. political war horse and the longest serving mayor of chicago richard daley.
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richard daley was the patriarch of a very influential political family often compared to the kennedys he was the best mayor out of the five largest cities are you asked for making chicago a business friendly city richard daley belongs to the democratic party he supported barack obama during the presidential campaign three years ago his younger brother william the current white house chief of staff. thank you very much on the thank you. pleasure having you be here russian moscow st petersburg well we will be talking about. the first question i wanted to ask you like a record breaking politician so how difficult was the decision to leave but it was your decision you you decided to quit like enough as it was it or was it
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maybe a white kid who made that is you know. happen is that i enjoyed public life i was mayor for twenty two years and prior to death ten years as state's attorney i was a full time public servant for over thirty two years and prior to that eight years as a state senator which was a part time and so i enjoyed my public career i was a public servant i enjoyed every minute of it in and i sacrificed but i thought of that time that many times in wherever you are in life if it looks too easy it gets too easy it's a disservice to myself or to the public and i thought of the best decision i could make or could we could run again and win and all that but i just felt that it was time and people would try to figure that out you just you just wake up and you realize that once you've made your family happy now you know that were you happy before because you have they were. a wonderful family four wonderful children and
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wife and friends and all that and you know so it's a part of public life was there or so it wasn't like a burden you know i enjoyed it but people think that being a mayor is such a big cities even is even more time consuming than being president of the u.s. won't is because it's true yes because you have to have passion and you have to love people even though they say things and do things you're still in the four hours a day and think about a garbage so your is you know then people call you like twenty four i don't think you move well there that somebody told me don't have a mono but you know i would move all in you know i never did know because the decision when i drove around the city i took notes every day is sauce things differently and i never micromanage people i say you have to have passion you have to love people and you have to have a desire to improve the city in the first thing i did one of the first things i did is you know that while cleaning up the city and having people be part of a block of community organizations in the business community and their realization that the greatest gift i could give to any child is a good education if i give
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a child in. good education i give a gift for life but if i fail they become a burden upon their family and society or another generation said you giving people a good education is not complex so what is the you know it is you know it's the teachers is no no it's not no it's not the teachers the role of the mayor says no when you say you're really giving education you take responsibility and so i'm the only mayor in the country i took responsibility and i played so myself that lie i want to have the system and you're the mayor you're responsible they're going to hold you responsible that i hold to hold the mayor responsible in chicago and so what do you want to do we want to give our we're give them an edgy but it isn't just like the children schools all good oh you got into the program into the ground into exams here is no no here's an exam we here's an example we teach arabic we take russian and we teach day chinese said it was a decision it was it was not
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a political decision it was an education decision to give young people opportunities to realise the world is changing and not only understand the language the custom the history in traditions so that you have to you can't leave that to me size that we build sixty beautiful libraries in this city he said you have to have a learning environment in the home and in the community it isn't just going to school you know to learn there it has to be the whole community says this is a learning environment and so that's what you have to do this isn't a you sort of pass you found a farm for the use of six students well well two terms in office is one of the fundamental principles of american democracy democracy in lots of countries in the world so shouldn't it be applied to two to the post of the major and i was you put your name up you say do you want to elect the or not that's it that's the third wallet that i think people say well the public is not that smart we have to limit terms the public just smarter than anyone else they can say we like you or reject
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you why do you believe in the presidential term well i don't know i. i know the american people elect barack obama for the fifteenth and i wouldn't i wouldn't i wouldn't mind me i think any president should run but when you set limits on people that means just say the public doesn't have enough education or enough confidence or were thought to understand whether or not you're doing a good job and so my belief is you're right for you run for election and if they accept your they accept you then you carry that out well maybe maybe they just think that when you are in office you you've got too much of what we call the administrative resource i mean you can you you can you can pull more money more resources to being reelected that's the graph of the normal time because of just worried about reelected and you not worry about doing your job then you can't be reelected most people worry about that maybe they don't accumulate money i get my campaign going and they forget about doing their job and so the mayor is more it's not a partisan job the mayor is about people and that's what a mayor's office is about look at what's your biggest achievement what makes you
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kid kids proud of you as a mayor who i think is giving them a good quality education striving to do that and i pointed out because you could do everything in a city but if you don't educate your children then you have really failed as a society and so the number one responsibility of government is to educate children and that includes the family and then includes everyone it's not just the we lead the way but it requires everybody behind you you are credited for saving chicago from a decline suffered by other rust belt centers like detroit for example what exactly has been done to revitalize the the industrial swell the sea should call as a public private partnership with business so on the mayor we are elected officials we work with the private business we say what do you need the city's always change we said the chicago stockyards we used to have a chicago huge industries and it changes so city has to be willing to change if it
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doesn't change it lives in the past. and that's why you have to change our public private partnership require the business come along so what do we need in the workforce how can i raise money in order to provide a better education how can i do affordable housing what we can do for the environment so you build a business community and not for profit and academic community as a leader and say let's work together that doesn't mean we have a difference of opinion so our public private partnerships has helped the city tremendously more than any other city in america chicago was we'll known in the world through the especially through the prints for segregated neighborhoods one for divisive racial politics you tried aren't to break these barriers but do ethnic divisions still clearly louis have winter ethnic divisions you have like a german community have a polish community and you have segments of that but slowly but surely a generation intermarriage people being educated in so you have
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a total different generation you have more immigrants coming from the middle east you have more immigrants coming from north africa more immigrants coming from asia and so that when you try to do is you provide a good education and you diversity is good but also it can create its problems so we're a very diverse city were followed by immigrants back to do saba was french haitian he fell in the city and today we welcome immigrants from all over the world into our great city and so that you you diversity is it has a strength but also can have its weakness and i say whatever happens in the rest of the world it should not bother you here in america and that doesn't mean there's ethnic religious or racial differences there will be but you try to really work at it we form a human human rights commission human relations so there are very proactive in any activity in the city chicago so they're out there where i have an asian community i have in a span of community. community i have. arab
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community. we china we have different committees set up so we can help new immigrants who arrive in the city chicago is all well so known in russia to movies and i as a gangster which. again stars in chicago are are a legend today well in moscow the gangsters are still alive and st petersburg even as it is right now it was once labeled the gangster capital of russia couple of years ago so did you did you see some similarities with the chicago you you saw in the movie the l o l composed one thousand nine hundred thirty one i don't know anybody was alive then it was in like nine hundred thirty and so they a touch of wills are always played so beyond that in you know where the university of chicago where great university medical institutions you know just a great city and so you know people to watch untouchables there's a pile there he met must committers to be and you know this isn't some advise that
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you discuss something when we all discuss that there was a panel on a course many people talk about traffic and traffic is a problem for all big urban areas in the next ten or fifteen years almost eighty percent or more people believe in urban areas it takes one hundred years of america to be urbanized this world be urbanized in less than twenty five years or thirty years and that is amazing we talked about environment we talked about how the environment is economic sense environment of the land the air in the water which is really important for a city we talked about traffic we talked about economic development housing you talked about emergency police and fire and other things and mayors get together we talk about best practices what works and what doesn't work and the mayors are closest to the people and so they have to do they have to have a lot of passion you can't solve everything well lisa striving to solve. says richard daley veteran u.s.
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politician and longest serving mayor of chicago retired just in me spotlight will be back shortly right after breaks out don't go away stay where you want. innovation cluster in the center of siberia one city has revolutionary ideas for the automotive industry you're a cool bit interested study in fiction straight out of software to make three d. goggles free from the building blocks for brushes first nationwide four g. network tomes going top one technology up to. the future covered. today children play war in the old case maybe.
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but in june nine hundred forty one these walls were the first barrier for the nazi troops on their way to moscow and. funders of restless were dying one by one under siege this. was. in the last shelter an unnamed soldier left a few simple words very well motherland i'm dying but i'm not surrendering.
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think it was the fourth quarter. here this street still keeps secrets but it's time to reveal the truth of the soviet files on oxys. welcome back to the spotlight on are we not in just a reminder that my guest today is richard daley a veteran u.s. politician and the longest serving mayor of chicago the guy did a lot for the city for the environment universities for
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a foreigner for the racial problems but mr daley thinks that he's biggest achievement is giving the kids good education the right leadership aggrandizement leadership to be a spokesperson for education ok now as one of your best pupils you have the personal best pupils was michelle obama was she yes you the guy who advocated to beguile all know that leadership and not michelle obama came from oh she was you you know you're going to your advisor or she plan in a vault when she's she's what well educated woman and her brother and came from a wonderful family who parents again when they strive for education she was in the mayor's office yes she worked in the mayor's office and of course she was your assistant or it was she was in the planning of gotten office and. and she was a wonderful ploy she had a passion and dedication about it and of course president obama was a former community organizer a state senator u.s. senator and now we're very proud of him to be our president and really we flex
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america first african-american mayor but he was elected on that alone he was elected and his competency and in his passion and willingness to look at people in see people in a different light he sees in looking at them and trying to give them as whole in a better world in a better country this is your opinion today when you time the your opinion still counts in the democratic party while everybody counts i mean you know everybody counts i mean you know you vote i mean you're you're right well i don't think i think you listen to everyone it's not just those in government or have an opinion it's you have to really listen to the people nuts i did all my life the people have more to say and then just political leaders well. we have today a u.s. president from illinois he's not exactly from chicago but from illinois it's a very special place do you think that being from illinois made a bama special while his style he came he lived in chicago and he be
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represented chicago and not only that but he has a different feeling from the midwest and the values and he understands the closest you have to be to people and he never lost that as president yet he has a great feeling to people and people meet him one on one it's amazing they'll tell you about and of course very successful campaign young people felt that he's making changes and even today with a deep recession a tough recession he's still very optimistic you have to be optimistic because everyone is that we're going through a recession so you have to know there's light at the end of the tunnel but we're going to get there people rush to the often bama to kennedy. well you would of course say that different can't compare people because if you start each one has their own identity their own character they're all ideas of what their president should do but most importantly they understand the great sacrifice that former
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presidents have made to the country and i can't speak for him but he's taken a part of all of them that some way have made a wonderful contribution all the presidents to our country in the world do you think michelle obama has the political ambition could could could could should be like like hillary clinton number two well she's well educated in she's the first lady and she's making her voice heard in many of the issues confronting children and families and and not just in the country but in the world and she's a wonderful spokesperson as the first lady around around the world and you see and a wonderful family keep their family life even in the white house how strong is her influence on the president as you say why would no i would know how much influence they have but there are a loving couple that respect each other and and she has a great education background and well respected well is it more than the tea party
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or less than the tea party what do you think about the tea party in general how do you really a challenge what remember people get a lot of frustrated have a party give a beer party have a tea party have a coffee party whatever party you want in a democracy you know people form different things to get it in so like anything else there had to be heard in so you listen to them where they say in their freighted the debt they're afraid that america's going into bankruptcy so you have to listen to everyone and this is an iraq that's part of democracy and a person it was willing to listen he's making great strides of cutting back various programs and cutting back red tape and efficiency listening to the business community trying to understand how people get hired the new jobs that we have to train for so he's. out there responding to people well a bomber won't what was a great hit when he was elected well i mean worldwide but his popularity has been has been falling pretty dramatically for the last the last months or so and many
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many say it's be is because of the economic problems in the us did you believe this because i don't think so because of the only reason no no every president for two years hit all time high then all of a sudden in the mid-term elections midterm elections of every president they lose every president if you look back so they lose but in a recession when there's a recession you know people worry they start worrying about economic development and jobs and what's going to happen to their parents or what's going to happen to them or when they graduate everybody is looking for opportunities but he's he's handling that straight out any he's looking at the eyes of the people he says listen we're trying to do everything possible nothing's perfect we're going to come through it's challenging there's a hardship and he's out there if you watch him almost every day talking to the american public and not running for ducking from these issues what a chance it is in two thousand and twelve harman's you see the chances of
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a in two thousand and twelve oh i think they're good i think i think he's done a very very good job and in difficult circumstances he's that point is finger back and said i'm taking responsibility you know when you get elected you take responsibility and that's what he's done he's not blamed anybody he's saying this i have done this and this is how moving forward and people want vision they want they want to lead or they have passion and understanding at the same time to this economic problem is all over the world so it's not unique to united states is look at what's happening in europe today lucy had been china and other places and the recession is affecting everyone so illinois still supports supports about it do you think it's a whole lot like like his stronghold there you know i think you know when a president hails from. specular bill clinton hail from arkansas on jimmy carter hail from georgia and. bush one to hail from texas so they're very proud of that
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so you get that identity from chicago now on our we're very proud that he hails from there. you mentioned meeting people you told me when you came into the studio today that that you use a television like you used to giving the like for news conferences that we. must become a russian politicians are of this scale they make like once one a here do you envy them or should they envy you well you know one thing you know i am now not talk about whatever the moscow or is in petersburg but i made it a point to three or four days and even on saturday i can i work there is saturday to make sure because the public is not working so that's when the marriage should be out in so we get there for the not jewish. i was out there all the time and working in so that press always had access to me so that was that was something i was proud of and they ask any question any any question whatsoever and so that's
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all part of communicating with the public as well will the press but they do give you a hard time i mean i mean i have these to do in the state of moon for example your your your governor mr blagojevich yeah well he's he's shown as an example of patronize corruption and things like that right well you know it's funny he's already convicted of perjury and to retry him but he was he was somebody that. young man that is well educated lawyer well educated in just didn't understand what public service was about but that's it doesn't reflect all people and you know it doesn't reflect everyone there are people who are corrupt in every facet. life in the public and private sector academic community and non for profits is one of the failures of society it's it's one of the failures of people that have it isn't it sort of also traditional in chicago or
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from the times of al capone and the no you know no i don't think so i mean you take if i had to describe what europe was all about you wouldn't want to live there i guess you know i mean there are there are issues there in europe and they want to get into and you know with the you know i'm asking is because i would like me talking about germany and that's what we're trying to fight corruption here in moscow and everybody in russia and many people are saying this is difficult because it's a tradition this is what the russian russian business russian way but this is what it is all about you don't you never go to a doctor with it without carrying chocolates or a bottle of vodka you know the a briefcase i mean i mean this is how it works but it can't because you can't survive on that because it's a it's a world that is changing rapidly. at the st petersburg conference they talked about the russian investment fund where the russian government is putting up money for foreign investment to come here and the first question opens the transparency
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corruption all the issues the legal system and all that that's the first thing they're asked and so if it is a tradition you think it's doomed anyway what has to be because. like anything else it affects the quality of service and the quality of service of government into any place in the world that could be any place in the world thank you thank you very much for being you enjoy being here in moscow and st petersburg and i wish the people of russia the best the in the future and to say we have wonderful embassador burly he's done a tremendous job representing united states to russia come again bring your family i want to thank you thanks just to remind you that my guest today was richard daley a veteran u.s. politician had the longest serving average mayor of chicago twenty two years he's. in the church that's it for now from all of us here if you want to have yourselves probably or if you have someone in monte you think i should be next time to drop me a line at algernon at our jobs our year and let's keep the show interactive we'll
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be back with more until then stay on r.t. and take care.
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